A Letter to Haiqing-给海青的一封信,A Letter to Haiqing

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  A Letter to Haiqing
Dear Haiqing,
I am very sorry to enarn that you are unhappy now. But I dom t think you should be unhappy.
I know that your iamily is not rich. So your parents can t afford to buy you something of famous hbands, which makes you unhappy. But andy have sent you to school so that you can receive good educatiom and have ahbeght future. This is not easy for your parents. So you should think about your parents. Domt ask for something that is out of your parents reach. Dom t be vain-glorious.
I also thind you should put your heart into study. Read more books and andn you can ehet a lot from reading. Without and famous hband competitiom you will become happy.
I hope I can help you out of unhappiness. Wish you happy.
Huang Ping
我们的朋友 黄平

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