My Pleasant Trip初三英语作文

   Last summer vacation, I went to Chengdu with my parents. We took the plane to Chengdu . It took us about two hours to get there . Chengdu was one of the biggest cities in China . the weather there was neither too hot nor too cold . My parents thought I was very tired and busy in school , so they wanted me to have a good rest . There were lots of mountains in Chengdu . At first , we climbed the Longquan Mountain . It was too high. The trees were beautiful and birds sang songs in the trees. I felt very happy and relaxed. The next day we went to Chuxi Road , which is the most famous road in Chengdu. My mother bought lots of clothes . My father bought a watch . I also bought a pair of shoes. We were all very happy . Then we returned to our hometown . In my opinion , Chengdu was really fascinating , and people in Chengdu were really friendly too. I would like to go there again .

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