He works in Yueqing

  阅读下列短文,然后按要求写一篇150字的文章Furthermore, ___________.Maybe what is more important to them is to water a movie or go on a trip together with their parents .Thisnotionoflife,asfarasIobserve,isclosesttotruthanddoesapplytoalmostallaspectsoflife.But I don t think it is a very good way to solve_______.So it s urgent and necessary to______________.结合自身情况谈谈你的感想 3.JohnMilton,stimulatedalwaysbyhisambitionthataimedatwritingsome mightylines whichEnglandwouldunwillinglyforget,hadinduetimesecuredhispositionasthesecondShakespeareinthehistoryofEnglishliterature.水污染越来越严重;2.Consequently, I m confident that a bright future is awaiting us because_______.The most obvious reason for this phenomenon is that______________.In a word,t he whole society should pay close attention to the problem of_______.Itprovidesuswiththerequireddrivingforcetoaccomplishanyundertakingsinourlife._______may be preferable to______________, but it also suffers from the disadvantages that______________.It is no easy job to find the reasons for this tendency which involves several complicated factors.However, xiao ling had a high fever that night felt very sick。

  What s more, it goes without saying that English majors are more likely to find a good job in the tighter and tighter job market.She is a very good teacher in my eyes.I was also worried about my final examination.She never worries because we take good care of her.He works in Yueqing.Her name is Sally and she is one year old.It looks like a small boat and crescent.初三英语作文:Problems in My Lif。

  天气变得越来越暖和,我和同学进行了环城一日游,所到之处景色宜人。They bought me lots of beautiful presents.春天是一年中最好的。我的父母给我买了新衣服作为我的生日礼物。我比以前早去学校。Every family will have a big meal with their family.No matter what kind of celebrating way for a festival, it is the time to enjoy life.一般认为圣诞节是耶稣诞生的日子。The rivers are giving off a terrible smell.在这一时期总会出现一个购物潮。Happy birthday!我的许多同学来到我的家。圣诞节季节在12月25日之前的5、6个星期就已经开始了。Christians consider it as the birthday of Jesus Christ.河水发出难闻的气味。他们给我买了很多漂亮的礼物。这是我的十三岁生日。但是现在许多风俗和习惯都已超出了宗教意义。

  The factors that contribute to this situation include……2) As an illustration, we may take ……primary school我爸爸会辅导我做作业,有时我们会一起看篮球比赛。For all the disadvantages, it has its compensating advantages.side by side 肩并肩地,一。

  = impress sth.You should eat a lot of vegetable and fruit.on one s feet (从病痛或挫折中)复原interested 感兴趣的, 有成见的, 有权益的Peoples health has been greatly affected by air, noise and water pollution.make a deep/strong impression on sb.contempt 轻视, 轻蔑, 耻辱, 不尊敬impress sb.  提示:存在问题:1.  How to protect/save our environment/world?其实在很多方面,很多人也像秃鹫、蝙蝠和大黄蜂一样,使尽浑身解数试图解决问题、克服挫折,却没有意识到解决之道就在正上方。

  动词加ed 有表示过去的时间状语She often does some housework at the weekend .简而言之,英语议论文共有三大特点:当他们在文章中表扬一件事物或一种现象的时候,总要指出其不足;同样,在批评一件事物或一种现象的同时,也总不忘记指出其也有合理之处。第二种情况:主语不是第三人称单数,动词都用原形。As far as I am concerned, I think it is a person s own business whether he believes in a certain number or not.2、 紧扣主题的结尾;以上面的例文1为例,如果作者的观点是 幸运数字是既有道理又无道理的 ,这种观点就无法让人接受,因为在英语议论文中,这是典型的 中心不统一。

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