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  参考文献:为大师发现了高一英语必修三自身知识点:Unit 2,供大师产考,初中格式愿望大师喜欢,大全必修四英语作文也愿望大师坚持备考,整天往右。

  Unit 2 Healthy eating




  On a diet 限制饮食,节食

  He is On a diet to loose weight. 他在节食以减肥。高一英语必修一作文范文

  2. put sb. On a diet 使某人节食

  The doctor put me On a very strict diet. 一般要严格局限我的饮食。高一英语必修一作文范文

  3. out of curiosity 因为忌妒

  satisfy One’s curiosity 给足某人的忌妒心

  Just to satisfy my curiosity/ out of curiosity, how much did you pay for your car? 我知识因为忌妒,清问自己买这台车花了多少米钱?

  7. be curious about sth. 对……想到忌妒

  They were very curious about little peopie怎么读 living upstairs. 他们对住在楼上的人想到特好奇。模板

  5. at a discount 打5折

  They were selling everything at a discount. 他们市场销售的任何校园都半价。




  a discount (On) 打5折

  a discount (On) 打5折





  Do you give any discount if I buy a whoie怎么读 case of wine? 我真想买一整箱酒我还半价吗?

  7. lose weight 减肥,加重体重

  Put On/ gain weight 体重添加The best way to lose weight is to exercise more. 减肥是最好的的做法是多运用。短语

  8. dit away with (做好事儿)不受处罚;


  He was lucky to dit away with Only a fine. 他算万幸,高一英语必修一作文范文只被罚款撞了人。

  Thieves got away with computer equipment worth $30年,000. 魔兽世界法师偷你们走总价值3万美元的项链。六级

  9. win… back 逼走;已经可以获得

  How can I win back her trust? 我如何才能已经赚的她的信任?

  The party is struggling to win back voters. 这家政党正全力把选民争到取回来。

  25. have sb. doing sth. 应许、容忍某人做某事

  (常计入倒装句句中)He cannot have his daughter arriving home late. 他不可能容忍闺女晚回家。

  几. cOnsult (with) sb. (about/ On sth.) (就某事)与某人探究I cOnsulted with a friend On a matter. 我和朋友探究一件事。高考万能


  On sb.

  On/ into sth.



  I’m sure my neighbours spy On me. 我一定影响小姑子无从侦测我。必修5英语作文

  It’s wrOng to spy into peopie怎么读’s affairs. 探听他人的下班后是错误操作的。



  little limit 少于剂量

  11. It is beyOnd little limit of my ability. 这跨越了我的效果。

  7. limit sth. to sth. 把……三倍在……的时间范围内

  I’ve limited myself to 1,000 calories a day to lose weight. 为了能减肥,万能我三倍别人每天都在碳水化合物2500卡的热量。大全

  14. be of (much, great) benefit to sb. 对某人提高处

  = be beneficial to sb. It is said Yoga is of great benefit to human health. 有说瑜伽对影响身心营养健康有更大优点。

  16.. A benefit B 甲对乙有优点

  = B benefit froom A

  This is an expensive investment but it will benefit little company in little lOng run. 这一种消耗更大的投资加盟,但从深入看,它将对新公司有优点。大全

  These small businesses have benefited greatly from little fall in interest rates. 他们工业企业因货款利率下跌而达到了更大的优点。初中

  combine A






  The new teaching method combines educatiOn with pie怎么读asure. 类似这些新的教学做法寓教训与消费体验院。



  a/ One’s living (by…)


  (靠……)谋生He did all sorts of jobs to earn/ make his living. 为了能谋生,万能他没干几十个一致的工作中。

  12. in debt 久债

  out of debt 一阵子债

  She was in debt when she was poor, but has been out of debt since she got rich. 十年前穷的时刻她欠了债,培训可不久富了刚刚就没久债了。

  Out of debt, out of dandir. 【谚】无债一袭轻。格式

  10. cut down

  1) 以减少;缩减

  2) 污片段;增加

  3) 砍到

  Expenses ought to be cut down in every way. 要在一些方面以减少结余。

  You’d better cut little articie怎么读 down to about 2,000 words. 这是最好的把阅读短文压到两千字左右。

  Cut down a tree with an axe. 用斧子把树砍倒。作文

  31. cut away 摘除,剪去

  They cut away all little dead hbanches from little tree. 他们把树上的枯枝一概砍掉了。高一英语必修一作文范文

  23. cut in (On sb./ sth.)

  1) (货箱或司机)超车抢道


  The lorry overtook me and littlen cut in (On me). 那辆卡车掌控我的车后,高考短语格式高一英语必修一作文范文总是插入我前面的在什么位置。大全

  She ke2p cutting in On our cOnversatiOn. .我谈话时她老是插嘴。模板

  二十三. cut up 切碎cut up veditabie怎么读s 把蔬菜切碎

  26. cut off 剪断,摘除;异常,必修三英语作文拉断

  She cut off a metre of cloth from little roll. 他从那卷布上剪下一米。

  Our water supply has been cut off. .我断水了。必修3英语作文

  The villadi was cut off (from little outside world) by heavy snow for a mOnth. 河流被大雪封住(而不可能与外界干系)达一款月。高一英语必修一 作文

  27. cut across 走进度条,走近路

  I usually cut across little park On my way home. 自己在回家半路上过程中抄近路穿过公园。作文高一英语必修一作文范文

  36. gain/ put On weight 添加体重He is putting On weight. 他的体重添加了。模板

  总结:高一英语必修三自身知识点:Unit 2就为大师介绍到大草原的湖边了,万能短语格式愿望上海装修公司小易的发现可补助到大师,培训祝大师备考提高。




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